Are You Interested in a Writing Career?

Working from home as a writer can be a very fulfilling career. If you have the ability to speak clearly and organize your thoughts, chances are you can earn money writing. Writing careers are a hot business within the United States. Many companies are looking for qualified writers for various positions.

How to Get Started in a Writing Career 

If you enjoy expressing your thoughts, a writing career can be very rewarding. There are a variety of ways to get your name into the public’s eye. You may desire to write articles, reports, reviews, e-books, or even novels.

One way to get started in writing and develop a following is to use a few free tools available online. One choice is creating a free Word Press blog. Creating one is very simple to do and posting short writings will begin the process. It will also help you to gain new experience.

Another choice is to create a Yahoo account with Yahoo Contributor Network. Recently, the network is also known as Yahoo Voices. By creating a free account, you can take some time to write articles and place them online.

If you would like to learn more about the writing process, joining E-zine articles is another option. You will have the ability to write informative articles on your topic of choice and place them on site. The nice thing about E-zine is they also send you a series of writing tools to help you in becoming a successful writer.

Using each of the tools listed will allow you to begin to write, submit, and have your first pieces of work reviewed. This will also help you to build confidence in your writing skills. Some experience will be needed when searching for writing opportunities that will allow you to work from home.

Helpful Hints for Building your Writing Career

When you are ready to begin working on the foundation of your writing career, there are a few things to consider. Develop a plan of action that is flexible and doable. Here are some things to think about:

1.   What type of writing do you prefer to do?

2.   What topics do you like to write on?

3.   What subject areas are you familiar with?

4.   Do you like conversational English?

5.   Do you prefer to write in report style?

6.   Do you have hobbies you enjoy and would like to write about?

7.   How much time do you have available to write?

8.   Are you good with keyboarding or using word processing?

9.   What is your passion in your life?

10. Which writing skills do you need to polish up on?

Writing can be very satisfying. In the beginning you may only write with a focus on one area. After working several opportunities, you may find yourself writing about a wide range of topics. Learning new things is one of the real pleasures of writing as a career.

Fine-tuning your Writing Skills

Beginning a career in writing is a work in progress. It is important to learn writing skills ahead of landing the perfect job. Nothing is more frustrating than finding out that you really did not have the skills needed to begin with.

If you have never professionally written, you may feel inside that you are not sure that you have what it takes to write. This is a normal feeling that should not keep you from exploring writing options.

Take some time to learn and explore. Internet research is a very valuable tool at your disposal. Learn about every angle of writing that you have time for. Even after starting a writing career, there are many opportunities to continue to learn and grow.

Submitting articles to Yahoo and E-zine will provide an opportunity for editors to review your work. Even though this can be somewhat unnerving, it can be very valuable. If your writings meet their standards, then you are one step closer to a career in writing.

Creating your Writing Portfolio

When you are ready to begin your career search, it is important to have a writing portfolio. Select the best pieces of your writings to place into your portfolio. The portfolio will allow potential employers to “see” your writing style.

Word documents can be saved to your computer under a special file titled Writing Portfolio. Some employers will also be willing to visit your article sites while others will not take the time do to their busy schedules.

Make sure each piece of work is free from errors, typos, and reads smoothly. Make sure the formatting of the document is nice as well. The topics within the document should also be uniform and be related to the article focus.

Different Writing Careers

The variety available in writing careers is very large. Writing takes place in many forms and concerning a vast number of topics. Think about how much information is available online. All of these web content pieces were written before they were submitted onto websites.

Writing provides many options to the work from home mom. Writing can involve creating articles, writing news releases, developing product reviews, blog post writings, as well as many others. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Medical writing is available, as well as technical writing. Creative writing is a choice of some writers. Conversational writing is needed by some employers. Each employer will carry their own requirements within the writing assignments.

Encouragement to Continue On!

If you are interested in writing, or have received compliments that you always have a way with words, consider your hidden talents. The rewards are great in this line of work. Once you begin to write on a regular basis, it will become even easier for you.

Do you have a dream in writing? Then, make an action plan and do not give up! You can do this! Start writing about something that you are passionate about! The motivation will sustain you during the foundational stages!


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Are You Interested in a Writing Career?
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Working from home as a writer can be a very fulfilling career. If you have the ability to speak...