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Are You Suffering From Mid-Life Career Crisis?

Do you desire to make a career change? Do you feel like you are stuck in your job and can’t get out of it? Are you continually depressed about the work you are doing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it may be time for a mid-life career change.

Maybe, you desire to work from home instead of working away from home. You may be interested in changing the type of career you are working in. It may be possible that you desire to be able to move up the career ladder and earn more money for your family.

Regardless of the reason for the change, many workers come to a point in their lives when it is time for a career change. This is normal and can be achieved successfully. It does not mean that you have failed where you are. It does mean that a change could bring more personal achievement and prosperity to your life.

Am I Making the Right Decision?

Oftentimes, those who desire to make a career change will wonder if they are making the right decision. Each situation is different and the decision is in your hands. Here are a few things to consider when deciding what decisions are best:

1.   Are you dissatisfied with your line of work? Has it been some time since the job brought you joy or a feeling of accomplishment?

2.   Is there a potential for advancement in the job you are in? Does the company promote workers on a consistent basis?

3.   What type of career move are you considering? Is it feasible to obtain? What changes will need to be made in your life to make this goal a reality?

4.   What other skill sets do you possess that can potentially lead you in a new direction? What skills do you desire to learn and use as a work from home mom?

5.   Is the timing right for a career change? Will it significantly impact your income at this time?

6.   Will the change bring good things to you and your family? Will it allow you to spend more quality time with those you love? Will it bring in more income to help with the household expenses?

Building on the Decision

 Once a decision is made, there are several things that can help you within the transition process. Review and evaluate your current skills. This will allow you to determine transferrable skill sets. In other words, transferrable skills are talents that can be used within the new career choice.

Begin creating an updated resume for your new career choice. Consider your skill sets, employment, education received, and your new desires. Add skills which apply to the new opportunity, such as being a team player, ability to do things related to the new position, and so on.

During the interview process, allow the new employer to sense your ability to be comfortable in new work situations. Stay confident within yourself, and they should be able to detect this if they are skilled in this area. Have examples ready in ways that you have been flexible and can adapt to changes.

Building a Solid Foundation

Building a solid foundation can start before you begin the transition process into a new career. Become educated in the new field of choice. Take classes, or find relevant info, that you can use to build on your new foundation.

Do internet research to see what skills are needed for those who currently work in the career choice you are moving to. This will help you during the transition time to acquire any needed training, or new skill sets.

Sometimes, new employers will provide on-the-job training. This can be a wonderful opportunity during a career change. Research other options available to you that will give you standing benefits.

Making the Change

When the decision is made to make a career change and preparations have been made, the change may uncomfortable for some. This is perfectly normal and can be overcome.

Review your new goals within your plan of action. Take one day at a time during the change. Take a breath when needed and tell yourself that you are worth the change.

Sometimes, a few changes will need to be made before you find the right fit for you and your family. There is nothing wrong with this. When people date, most do not generally marry the first person that comes along. It is a process in finding the right person for your life.

The same goes for finding the best job within your new career choice. Find the “shoe” that fits and wear it! There is a new career opportunity that is available for you and your family! Keep your head held high and be persistent. Your dream will come true if you do not give up!





















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Are You Suffering From Mid-Life Career Crisis?
Friday, 17 February 2012
Do you desire to make a career change? Do you feel like you are stuck in your job and can’t get out of it?...

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