Creating a Home Based Business

Creating a home-based business is an alternative to working online for an employer. It does have its benefits and disadvantages. The rewards can be great when the plan is successfully completed.

Planning a Home-Based Business

Planning a work-from-home business is a great idea for many moms. It allows you to decide what you are best at and go with it. Planning takes some time and effort before launching a home-based business.

Where do you start planning for a home-based business? Well, thought should be given in what you enjoy doing the most, or what you have a passion for. If you enjoy photography, then you may desire to start your own business in a variety of ways.

Taking photo shots for senior pictures, or special occasions is an idea. Another idea is to take photography shots and sell them. Companies are available online who are willing to pay for photographs. You may also be interested in taking photos of people’s pets.

Deciding the Focus of Your Business

Decide what type of business you would like to create. Here are some ideas for you to think about:

  • Photography business

  • Baking business

  • Catering business

  • Day care at home

  • Local tutoring services

  • Blog writing

  • Selling on e-Bay, Amazon, etc.

  • Being a representative (Avon, Mary Kay, Home Made Gourmet, so on)

  • Pet care services

  • Many more ideas are available

More Planning Needed

Once you determine what type of business you would like to start, it is needed to add other planning. There are several things to consider after selecting the type of business you desire:

1.   How much will it cost to set up the home-based business?

2.   What equipment will I need to get started?

3.   Are there people I know that would be willing to help me get started?

4.   Can I involve my family members in the home-based work?

5.   What are my financial goals for the business?

6.   Can I make it financially while the business is being “built up” in clientele?

7.   What is the market rate for the services I am offering?

8.   How many hours will I need to work each week to make it successful?

9.   Are there any downfalls, or risks, that I am aware of? If so, how do I overcome them?

10. Do I have a back-up plan available?

Record Keeping For a Home-Based Business

Record keeping is equally as important for a home-based business, as it is for independent contract work. Keeping receipts for work-related expenses is needed as well as a record of income earned.

A home-based business in the United States will be considered as a self-employment opportunity unless the business expands into a corporation, or the like. Record keeping is a must.

Computer, or home, files can be set up in advance for recording expenses and income. At first, the business may have more expenses than income. Microsoft Excel is a great tool to use for creating a business spreadsheet. Another option is using a ledger book and recording information manually.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Working from home can bring so many rewards to the family. Mothers are able to make their own hours and work around family schedules. Choices can be made in the type of business services to offer. Money can be made from work at home opportunities. Many times, mothers are amazed at how well home-based work fits into their income needs and family schedule.

There are a few disadvantages when creating a work-from-home business. There may be startup money needed, depending on the type of business desired. As with any form of self-employment, there will be self-employment taxes.  There are a host of deductions that can be taken when working independently to offset the tax expense.

Working from home takes time and effort. You will get out of it what you put into it. Sometimes, home-based businesses will require long hours. As an independent worker, you will also have the ability to set your own boundaries.

Why Are So Many Mothers Moving to Home-Based Work?

Working from home brings much freedom in making your own hours. It also allows mothers to spend more time with the family. Hours can be as flexible as desired. If emergencies, or appointments, come up - changes can be made without the concerns of a boss getting upset about missing work.

Independence is another reason mothers are working from home more. They have the ability to be creative in the services they are offering. More choices can be made within the process.

Income supplements the family revenue in a nice way. Mothers can create local services, or create online businesses. The potential is nearly limitless and there are many demands within the market for consumer needs.

Home-based businesses can be set up as a part-time business, or a full-time opportunity. The number of days to work each week is flexible as well as which days to work within the week. Family vacations and special events do not have to interfere when working this type of plan.

 Are you ready to create a home-based business?

If you are ready to create your own home-based business, set aside some time to plan what you would like to do. If you are married, discuss options with your spouse. Write down thoughts and ideas in a notebook. Decide how much money it will take to “start” your business. Start the process in motion – an idea on paper will be just that until you place actions to your thoughts!

Be encouraged and do not give up on your dream of creating a home-based business. It may be easy, it may not be. You must be determined to see the plan through, and make any adjustments as needed.

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Creating a Home Based Business
Thursday, 16 February 2012
Creating a home-based business is an alternative to working online for an employer. It does have its benefits and...