De-Cluttering Your Life

De-cluttering your life will help to reduce stress in the work from home environment. A cluttered life can affect every area within your life. Clutter can cause distraction. Sometimes tackling clutter can be overwhelming. Taking the time to get rid of clutter (in small increments of time) can help reduce ongoing stress levels. Devoting time each week can make a huge difference. The rewards are pleasing, reducing stress, bringing an organized life, and increasing productivity. This is especially true when working from home.

Take One Step at a Time

If you are in need of de-cluttering your life, it is best to take one step at a time. Much time has passed, in many cases, to develop a cluttered life. Making a plan of action to de-clutter, step-by-step, is encouraged. Decide to tackle one room or work space at a time. Take small steps, which will lead to big improvements. Overall, in the long run, it will be easier to maintain your living area.

1.   Desk area – clear anything from the top of your desk that is not needed. If you have drawers, go through them to organize as well. Toss out your irrelevant papers. Work with a filing system if needed. Organize accordingly.

2.   Computer – on your computer, get rid of any files that are not needed. If you have programs on the computer that has not been used in years, consider removing them. Especially, if you have software program disc to reload if needed at a later time. Another option would be to transfer files to an external hard drive that are not needed on the original computer.

3.   Rooms in the home – simplify each room in the house. Donate items that are not used to local charities. Organize drawers, ect. As you have time, go through your closets as well. Work on one room at a time.

4.   Improving your life – many times our lives are cluttered with too many commitments. As mothers, we become very involved in life. Priorities are necessary, especially when we work from home. If you are overwhelmed, reconsider your commitments. Take a look at your routines. Is it necessary to do everything you are doing?

Maintaining Order

Once our lives have become more de-cluttered, it is necessary to take time to maintain the new order. Schedule a time to de-clutter on a regular basis. Keep things in their designated places. Involve the family within the process. It becomes very easy to “deal with things” later. Sometimes, clutter will build back up before you know it.

Creating Workable Systems

Creating workable systems within the home is a wonderful idea. This includes creating file systems, work routines, as well as taking care of weekly household tasks. Setting up systems can help keep clutter in order.

When creating paper file systems, be sure to only keep the items that are needed. Colored folders are wonderful. Blue can be used for household bills. Yellow can be used for legal documents. Orange can be used for work documents, and so on.

Creating orderly file systems on your computer can also help minimize stress. It can also be a real timesaver. Computer files can be created for work, personal use, volunteering opportunities, and so on.

Routines are important when working from home. From simple laundry routines to keeping project deadlines, every routine can make a difference. If needed, write down your routines, or home systems, step-by-step. Follow each to the best of your ability. Recruiting family to help can also be easier, if they have step-by-step instructions to follow.

Encouragement along the Way

Be encouraged and don't give up. Take baby steps, and learn to live a more organized life. It may take some time, so this must be allowed. TheRealWorkFromHomeMom is here to help. If you need some encouragement along the way, please be sure to check online for new articles and new ideas. Take a few moments, with a cup of coffee, and have a few moments for yourself. Visit our Yahoo group to meet other work from home moms. In your journey of a more organized life, there are others who are on the same road as you are. Be encouraged and don't give up.

You are well worth the time taken to become more organized!

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De-Cluttering Your Life
Thursday, 13 October 2011
De-cluttering your life will help to reduce stress in the work from home environment. A cluttered life can affect every area within your life....