Expanding Technology Skills

Technology skills “rule the world” of online business. With the advent of increasing technology, more work from home job opportunities are available to work from home moms. Along with these opportunities comes the need to be well diversified in your existing technological work skills.

A Variety of Technology Skills

A wide variety of technology skills exist and are needed by the corporate world. Here are some of the technology skills employers are looking for:

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook)

  • Web Designing  and Development Skills

  • Computer Programming

  • Graphic Design

  • Instructional Design

  • File Management

  • Data Entry Skills

  • Organizational Skills

  • Production of Multimedia Files

  • Software Management

  • Software Development

  • Web Research Skills

  • Forum Management Skills

  • Staying Current in New Technology

Ugh, I only have a few of these skills!

Don’t worry! Become good at what you do know, when you are starting your work from home journey. Becoming skilled in one area is better than not skilled in many. First, become the expert in what you do have to offer. Then, you can work on other skills. Most business corporations look for experts who hold a variety of skills. Start where you are and this will get you started on the road to success.

What do I do next?

After you are comfortable providing professional skills in your area of expertise, then you can add additional technology skills to your business portfolio. Think about what you desire to learn, or other skills that may be desired by your employer.

For example, if you desire to learn how to make power point presentations, it is important to take time to learn the new skills desired. Access important information online, check out a book at the library, or make a small investment within your work from home business by purchasing needed materials.

There are vast amounts of information available to help you in your journey of expanding existing technology skills. Once, you add to your skill set, create a well-designed project to add to your portfolio. In this case, create a powerful power point presentation to show a future employer the skills you possess. Even though you did not take a “course” or a “class” to learn your skill, it will be “proof” that you have the ability to do the task at hand.

Increased Technology Skills Benefits

Improving existing technology skills, as well as adding to your skill set, will bring a variety of benefits to the work from home mom. Having a diverse number of skills will show that you are able to handle a variety of tasks from home. It will also show that you possess needed skills to complete the job at hand.

Increasing existing skills can also bring more pay. Many companies look for individuals who can handle a variety of tasks for them. They are more willing to hire someone who can meet a wider range of skills desired. Even if you are hired to do only one task, letting your employer know of additional skills can bring more projects to your work from home business.

Feel free to learn about additional skills online at TheRealWorkFromHomeMom site. Becky offers a wide variety of work at home helps, as well as job coaching services to help you in your journey!

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Expanding Technology Skills
Wednesday, 06 August 2008
Technology skills “rule the world” of online business. With the advent of increasing technology, more work from home job opportunities are...