Home Management

Home management skills are essential to everyday living. The need for home management increases when working from home. Developing skills to maintain the home will provide opportunity to work more productively from the home office.

Home Management Skills

Home management skills include housecleaning, doing laundry, providing meals, keeping personal finances in order, as well as taking care of other family needs. Additional duties within the home may include creating home school opportunities, scheduling appointments, and creating out of home schedules.

Each family will also have unique needs when it comes to home management. This can very well include taking care of a special needs child, helping a spouse with needed tasks, and fulfilling volunteer tasks within the home.

Knowledge is Power

Having the knowledge to handle home management skills brings power to your day and week. If you are not sure where to start on household management, from day to day, chaos and instability will step into your life.

Prioritize home management needs. The family must be taken care of first. Meal planning and household chores should be consistently taken care of. This will ensure a healthy environment and a healthy meal plan for each member.

Research Time Saving Ideas

Time saving techniques can be a huge help for the busy family. Researching ideas online can provide helpful ideas. Examples include creating a home organizer notebook. The notebook can hold chore schedules, quick meal ideas, shopping lists, homeschool lessons, and calendar events. The notebook can be personalized to your family needs.   Becky highly recommends that you take the time to checkout www.flylady.net.  The FlyLady provides everything you need to get your home organized.  If you follow fly lady’s advice your home will be on auto-pilot.  A home notebook allows you to concentrate on other things.  You don’t have to think about what needs to be done, it is all written down for you.

Plan of Action

Developing a plan of action will help to put household needs on paper for review. It will allow you to think of projects that need to be taken care of for a more effective home environment. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What home management projects need to be done on a daily basis, weekly basis, or monthly basis?

  • Do I need to organize my monthly bills? Am I late on bills?

  • How often do I need to do laundry for my family?

  • Are there tasks that I have trouble accomplishing within the home?

  • Am I getting the needed help from other family members?

  • Does stress consistently enter the dinner preparation scene?

  • Do the kids need additional help in any area?

Start Today

Start today by enlisting the help of family members. If you have a close friend who can also assist you, this is great! Take small steps in making progress. This will help you to keep from getting overwhelmed.

What areas can you start on to improve your home management?

  • Create needed schedules for the family

  • Add scheduled time to do financial projects

  • Create to do lists

  • Create simple meal plans

  • Enlist children and family members to help with daily chores

  • Make daily routines and weekly routines

  • Take small amounts of time to rid the home of unneeded clutter

  • Research new ideas for time saving techniques

The End Result

The end result of increasing home management skills is not acquiring the skills themselves. The result of a more organized home is the ability to enjoy your family and home life. It will also result in times of orderliness and peace within the home. It will bring feelings of new freedoms and flexibility. It will overflow into every area of your life, including working from home.

Are you happy with your home management skills? If not, you hold the power to bring about change! Start today to make new changes which will bring added peace and freedom to your life! You and your family are well worth the effort!

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Home Management
Wednesday, 14 December 2011
Home management skills are essential to everyday living. The need for home management increases when working from home. Developing skills...