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There are MANY jobs available from home.  Jobs are available in many areas including:

  • ·         Document Services
  • ·         Education
  • ·         Writing and Design
  • ·         Law
  • ·         Transcription
  • ·         Merchandising
  • ·         Search Engine Evaluation and Testing
  • ·         Customer Service

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You can also find fresh job leads under “New Job Listings”.


Many work from home moms work for more than one employer.  This allows increased income and security.  If one employer no longer needs your services, you have others to continue working with while looking for something new.

When looking for a work at home opportunity, remember to keep in mind your skills and time available to commit.  Do not waste your time applying for jobs you are not qualified for,  do not have the required equipment for or are not available for at needed times.  THERE ARE PLENTY OF WORK FROM HOME OPPORTUNITIES.  It takes time and patience to find the right one for you. 

You should be prepared for rejection.  Employers receive hundreds of applications.  It is easy to get discouraged when you are turned down for a job or do not hear back.  Remember that every no is closer to a yes and you are honing your resume and interview skills in the process.  You must have trust and patience.  Know that the perfect job is waiting for you.   An opportunity that seems ideal may not be.  Trust that everything will work out for you and don’t get discouraged.

If you are continually getting rejected you may need to improve your resume or cover-letter.  Since you will probably never meet your employer face to face, it is important to have a cover-letter and resume that is effective.  If you need help in this area, Becky offers resume review and cover letter review. 


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Online Opportunities
Tuesday, 28 February 2012
There are MANY jobs available from home. Jobs are available in many areas including:...

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