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Significance of Communication Skills

The world is full of communications from business conversations to writing emails. The significance of communication skills is outstanding. Within minutes of listening to a conversation, or reading a written email, an impression is made. It is very important to provide professional communications.

Sending a Meaningful Message

Every communication should send a meaningful message. When speaking to an individual it is necessary to actively listen to the message spoken. You can then respond with meaningful information. When responding to a written communication, it is important to truly understand the original message, and respond accordingly. Sending a meaningful message in return provides professional communications.

Seven Important Communication Skills

Seven skills are needed for communications to be highly effective. Each communication should be clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete, and courteous. Goals in writing, or speaking, should be clearly given. To be concise, the communication will be brief and stay on topic. Concrete communications will convey the message to the receiver in a way they understand. Correct communications will fit the audience it is given to. Coherent means that it is logical. Complete communications will provide the audience with everything they need to be informed. They will have the information they need to take action. Professionally, all communications should be courteous.

Preplanned Writing Communications

Preplanning writing communications will help increase overall writing skills. There are several steps involved within the process. First, it is necessary to understand your objectives. Second, decide who your audience is. Then, choose the method of communication that you will use. Communications can take place verbally or electronically in most cases.

For example, a company desires one of their employees to prepare a communication to let departments know about an upcoming training. The employee already knows the main objective of the task. If enough information was received, they will also know who the audience of the communication is. In this example, we will say the target audience is existing office workers. Next, the method of communication is chosen. Email can be used, as well as announcement posters. The communication has been preplanned, and can be undertaken. Monitoring is also another step that helps to see how successful communications are. Many businesses monitor their communication processes.

So, How Can I Improve My Communication Skills?

Using great communication skills will show professional credibility. There are a variety of communication assessments available on the internet. Communication articles are also widely available to assist in gaining new communication skills.

Set aside time each week to work on improving your existing communication skills. Be confident in yourself. Many people have low self-esteem, which reflects in their communications. You have the tools available at your fingertips! You can do this!

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Significance of Communication Skills
Thursday, 16 February 2012
The world is full of communications from business conversations to writing emails. The significance of communication skills is outstanding....

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