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Using Online Networking

Online networking is part of an important support system for work from home moms. Online networking has several advantages to the home-based working mom. Mothers can network with others who share similar interests.

Benefits of Online Networking

A variety of benefits can be gained from online networking. Accessing online work communities can provide some of the following advantages:

  •      Socialize with other working mothers

  •      Find valuable resources

  •      Gain new understanding in a variety of work from home areas

  •      Ask questions common to working from home

  •      Can be a very strong foundational avenue

  •      Support is gained from others on the same journey

  •      Important to establish healthy relationships

  •      Can be accessed at your convenience

  •      As well as many other benefits!

Why use Online Networking?

Online networking is important for a variety of reasons. Creating, or joining, an online network will allow resources to be available in the time of need. Information will be available from a variety of people within the network.

Vital questions can be answered. Encouragement can be given and received. People are a valuable resource to new ideas in ways to develop your new, or existing, career. Referrals are also another popular reason to belong to an online network.

Mentoring is important in every area of life. Mothers and fathers mentor their children through life. Online networking provides the opportunity for mentorship in the areas of career development and advancement.

Being an Effective Partner in Networking

Online networking related to career development should be done on a professional level. Every member of the network who actively participates is showing others how they communicate and follow sound ethics.

You can become an effective partner within an online networking community. The benefits can be astounding. Here are a few things to consider when involved in networking:

  •      Keep things on a professional level

  •      Stay within the boundaries of the online networking rules

  •      Invest time in the lives of others

  •      You should keep a good reputation while online

  •      Share thoughts and ideas with others

  •      Volunteer to help with the online network

Becky’s Online Network - Yahoo Group

Becky has created an online networking TheRealWorkFromHomeMom Yahoo Group for mothers interested in working from home. It is a great opportunity to gain new resources and converse with others who have the same interests.

Opportunities are available to share with other mothers and ask questions. Gaining an active support system is needed to provide a solid foundation in working from home.

You are welcome to visit Becky’s Yahoo Group and join in on the excitement of working from home! Becky also provides other job helps and career advice online at TheRealWorkFromHomeMom.


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Using Online Networking
Thursday, 16 February 2012
Online networking is part of an important support system for work from home moms. Online networking has...

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