Why am I Not Getting Hired?

Have you applied for online work-from-home jobs, and can’t seem to get hired? There are a few reasons why this is possible. Research shows that there are generally three specific reasons for not landing the job you desire.

Not Receiving Quality Job Leads

When looking into working from home jobs, it is important to receive quality job leads. For some workers, there is no problem in finding online work. For others, it can be a frustrating challenge.

Quality job leads are needed to find legitimate opportunities. So, how can I receive noteworthy job leads to increase my chances of being gainfully employed at home? Here are a few ideas:

  •  Sign up for TheRealWorkFromHome newsletter.  Much time has been placed in finding work from home opportunities in a large number of work specialty areas.

  • Bookmark job lead generating sites into your browser, or add them to a word processing document. Check them on a daily, or weekly, basis.
  • Do a search on the company you are interested in.  You may be surprised at the helpful information you find.

Your Resume Needs Updated

The next most important hindrance to landing a good paying work from home job is a resume that needs to be updated, or improved. This is one of the leading causes of not getting a job, in addition to not having a great cover letter.

Employers are overwhelmed with resumes. For one job, thousands of people may apply. But, there is a way to get your resume and cover letter NOTICED!

First of all the resume and cover letter should be readable. If the employer cannot read it, then it will be placed in the reject pile. When an employee reads your cover letter, it should catch their eye.

How can a cover letter “catch the eye” of an employer? It should be readable, simple but sufficient, and draw the employer in. Information listed within the cover letter is essentially an overview of why the employer should hire you. They will be looking at how the letter is formatted, words spelled, and whether the info pertains to the job being applied to.

If the employer is drawn into reading the cover letter, they will look at your resume. The resume should also be formatted consistently, and not contain any spelling errors. Action words should be used within the resume that is relevant to the job opportunity.

When all else fails, consider having one professionally written for you. Becky offers a professional resume and cover-letter review service that will help to get your resume and cover letter NOTICED.

Sufficiently Marketing Yourself

Many times people do not gain work from home jobs because they are “hidden” in the online market. It is important to actively apply to job opportunities you are interested in.

But, what about placing your resume in other places? Passively placing your resume online for other employment agencies to see is needed. You may not fully desire the job postings at the time, but it could pay off in the long run. The more places your resume is available to look at, the more opportunities will become available.

A Prime Example of Change

One work from home mom, started less than a year ago in her work from home journey. She had a great education, but no real experience in working from home. She developed her portfolio to show she possessed great skills.

She applied to small jobs that gave her experience. Some of the jobs she applied to were lower rates to “gain” needed experience. Some jobs only lasted for one assignment, others a little longer. With each new experience, she increased her skills and always worked hard to gain five star feedback from her employers.

Over a short period of time, she continued to market herself to potential employers. She actively and passively marketed her skills online. She is now successfully working part time for a multiple number of employers. The employers she now works for has trust in her work. They see high quality results and consistently send her assignments.

This mother provides writing services to a variety of reputable employers, from writing web content, writing product reviews, creating articles, moderating forums, posting to company blogs, and doing research in a variety of ways.

She is fully satisfied with her work and gains variety in her work week. She currently is not seeking any additional opportunities because her small projects consistently keep her personal work goals met.

Feel free to learn about additional skills online at TheRealWorkFromHomeMom site.  If you need help, contact Becky about resume and cover-letter review services.


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Why am I Not Getting Hired?
Thursday, 16 February 2012
Have you applied for online work-from-home jobs, and can’t seem to get hired? There are a few reasons why this...