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Working From Home-International Jobs

International jobs that are home based can open new doors of opportunity. It can also be a bit more challenging. There are advantages and disadvantages to consider when seeking, or gaining, employment at home on an international basis.

Advantages of International Work

There are a variety of advantages in gaining work from home employment from international companies. First of all, the job market can expand with looking into international job opportunities. More jobs may be available in a specific line of work you desire.

There are a wide number of opportunities available. Many international businesses look for USA workers that can write and communicate effectively, as compared to workers within their own area.

Here are some relevant advantages to taking an international job:

  •      Increased experience for the job applicant

  •     International companies may provide more steady work

  •      USA workers are sought after to work for international companies, due to excellent English skills

  •      Great to place on your business portfolio (ability to work under different guidelines, international business experience)

Disadvantages of International Work

Along with advantages, come disadvantages with any work opportunity. When looking into international work there are several things to consider before becoming gainfully employed internationally:

  • Time zones are very different. Will you be able to work your time zone without any challenges? Or, will you be required to work in their time zone?
  • Communications may be hindered. Sometimes, understanding employers from different countries can be difficult.
  • Project deadlines are usually according to their time zone. You must make an adjustment in meeting deadlines effectively.
  • Many times, people in other countries will expect to pay less for work done. Then on the other hand, some are willing to pay more to find reliable and high quality workers.
  • Cultural differences exist and could affect “acceptable work” from their point of view.
  • Payment systems differ between countries, so it is best to use familiar payment methods that have been verified.
  • Beware of fraud; use verified means of securing an international job.

How Can I Ensure the Job Opportunity is REAL?

It is best to use a company that offers identity and payment verification processes. Identity of the individual is verified to ensure they are who they say they are. Legal documents must be provided to the third party.

Payment verification processing ensures the individual has a verified payment method. This could be a verified PayPal account, bank account, or credit card. If the individual company is willing to share this information, generally it will be a legitimate offering.

Some job offering companies will also allow workers to leave feedback. Feedback can be in the form of rating the workers, as well as the workers rating the employers. A double sided system is best. When using a double sided system, feedback is left by each side without knowing, or seeing, what info has been left for the other. This ensures honestly on behalf of both parties, in most cases.

From personal experience, one example of a great job offering company to work through is oDesk.com. There are millions of job listings on site that are offered by US based employers, as well as internationally based. When searching for job listings, you can view information about job listings, prior feedback and ratings of employers, and see if they have been fully verified. It is a great way to build your experience in working from home at the pace you desire.

There are a variety of categories on oDesk to look for work opportunities. Here are just a few:

  •      Web development

  •      Software development

  •      Writing and translation

  •      Research based positions

  •      Administrative support

  •      Networking and information systems

  •      Sales and marketing

  •      Designs and multi-media

Each category will list subcategories of interest. Most main category listings will hold 5 to 10 subcategory sections.

If you desire to increase your business portfolio, consider adding international work experience to your resume. It can be a wonderful experience in working with others from around the world.

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Working From Home-International Jobs
Thursday, 16 February 2012
International jobs that are home based can open new doors of opportunity. It can also be a bit more challenging....

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